I'm W. Calvin Ross

For me, childhood summers spent on my grandparents' farm inspired a lifelong fascination with the complex beauty of the natural world. Through whimsical paintings and drawings of the various flora and fauna I encounter, each piece I create focuses squarely on the physical and emotional essence of each of my subjects set against a textured, misty background inspired by the breath that sustains and connects us all. With every piece, I hope to inspire the viewer to slow down, take a breath, and reconnect to the awe and wonder that is Life.

When I'm not creating, I lead a biweekly theology group in my home (Not Your Momma's Bible Study), co-lead my church's visual arts ministry, passively garden and birdwatch, and scour the internet for inspiration, new information, and funny videos. I love the music of mewithoutYou, the art of Vincent van Gogh, the beauty of the Psalms and the Synoptic Gospels, the dark complexity of coffee and wine, and all the greatness of cats. But there's really nothing better than sharing meals and drinks with my wife, daughter, and friends.

You can keep up with my life and work on my blogFacebook, and Instagram.