W. Calvin Ross

August 2017

The Ember Moths (Genesis Part 8)

*shuff, shuff, shuff, shuff, shuff…* *shuff….* *shuff, shuff, shuff….* The leaves shuffled and crackled and crunched as I foraged for fallen limbs and sticks amongst the damp blanket of brown and orange leaves and pine needles on the edge of […]

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Hydroplane & Drown (Genesis Part 7)

It was raining. Big rain. Buckets of it. One minute straight down, the next at a forty-five degree angle, then back to straight down. I’d spent the last hour nursing a beer I didn’t want with friends I wished I […]

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You Get Crayons at the Heartbreak Hotel (Genesis Part 6)

There were crazies everywhere. There was a guy in baggy clothes in his gang’s colors sitting in a chair beside the sliding glass window that protected the nurses from the patients. He spent hours rocking back and forth staring at his […]

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Four Lincolns (Genesis Part 5)

….$5.03…. That’s all I had in my pocket when I left home, but that didn’t matter because I was fed up and I was free. The backseat and trunk of my little black Corolla were loaded down with all that […]

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