W. Calvin Ross

July 2017

The Creature (Genesis Part 4)

I  crept quietly into the office, grabbed a handful of copy paper and a ruler, and snuck back behind the display wall of the drug store photo department I managed. It was getting later in the evening and we were […]

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The Sneaky Poodle (Genesis Part 3)

“Now you don’t have to graduate a virgin….” She covered her naked face as her words trailed off through mid-coital sobs. My heart sank. We had been dating on and off since my sophomore year of high school. I’d been […]

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Teeth! (Genesis Part 2)

My adolescent smile was completely jacked up. As the last of my baby teeth fell out, my permanent teeth broke through and wreaked havoc inside my mouth. It was too small to fit all 32 of my adult teeth, so […]

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Gifted (Genesis Part 1)

Intellectual evaluations seemed like a kind of game at the time, so I guess its not surprising that I don’t remember much of the testing. I didn’t know that someone had suggested I be tested for anything special. I didn’t […]

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